Funtime3Freddy3 Records (Record Label and Studio) specs:


-CPU:I5 8400 2.40 GHZ and is boosting to 4.00 GHZ

-RAM:16 GB RAM(Upgraded on 12/23/2022)


-Storage:1 x 1TB HDD + 1 x 1TB SSD(Upgraded on 12/23/2022) (Why we need to know the model?)

-Company name that my pc is:Lenovo

-Monitor 1:Acer 24″

-Monitor 2:My TV 50″

-Speakers:Trust 5.1 subwoofer

-Microphone 1:Remall(Studio)

-Microphone 2:Studio one(I don’t remember the model or the company where I’ve purchased it,but I’ll change it if I’ll find the box)

-Microphone 3:Trust(Usb one,cheap and I don’t remember the model,but I’ll change it in the future if I’ll find the box)

-Webcam:HP(I don’t remember the model,but i remember is 1080p60fps one)

Laptop:Lenovo Ideapad 100(It’s just a school laptop)

Piano 1:Yamaha PSR E363(Electric Piano with MIDI)

Piano 2:Samson Carbon 61(MIDI Controller)

Desk 1(Where is my pc and more):A black one(Just a black desk for offices)

Desk 2(Where I’m doing my homeworks and I’m learning):A black one(Just a black desk for offices)

Programs that help me to make music:

FL Studio 20 Producer Edition:189 euros

-Minecraft Note Block Studio:Free

-Camtasia Studio 8:Free

-GIMP 2.10:Free

FL Studio plugins that I use:

-Sylenth:140 euros(Purchased via subscriptions.I started the subscription on 2/18/2021 and I’ve paid all the price of 170 euros on 6/13/2022)(140 euros+vat 30 euros tax)

-Flex:Free(Default plugin that have a library with great sounds)

-Dynamic Guitars:Free

-Keyzone Classic:Free

-GMS:Free(Default plugin that have a library with great sounds)

-LFOTool:50 euros(Sidechain Plugin)

-Kickstart:10 euros(Sidechain Plugin)

-DJMFilter:Free(Stopping plugin)

-dblue pack:Free(A pack with 4 plugins:

-dblue TapeStop:(Stopping plugin)

-dblue Stretch v1.1:(Stretching plugin)

-dblue Glitch v1.3:(Glitch plugin)

-dblue Crusher:(Crush plugin))

-British Valve Custom:Free(Rock Guitar Effect Plugin)

-FPC:Free(Default plugin that is for 50% of the drums I used)

FL Studio Drum kits that I use:

-Ocean Vibes:Free


-The Rock Drum Kit:Free

-Electro Flux Sound Kit:Free

-Dubstep Empire Drum Kit:Free

Cymatics.fm Drum Kits:Between 10 and 200 euros per kit

Video of my studio here:

The End!:D