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About Me

Short info

Username: Funtime3Freddy3

Name: Funtime3Freddy3

Real life name: ???

Birthdate: 12/14/2003

Age: 20

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Favorite colors: #db56fb(Pink), #FFFFFF(White), #FF0000(red), #35CE26(dark green)

Favorite FNAF animatronics: Funtime Freddy

-CPU:I5 8400 2.80 GHZ and is boosting to 4.00 GHZ
-RAM:16 GB RAM(Upgraded on 12/23/2022)
-Storage:1 x 1TB HDD + 1 x 1TB SSD(Upgraded on 12/23/2022) (Why we need to know the model?)
-Company name that my pc is:Lenovo
-Monitor 1:Acer 24″
-Monitor 2:My TV 50″
-Speakers:Trust 5.1 subwoofer
-Microphone 1:Remall(Studio)
-Microphone 2:Studio one(I don’t remember the model or the company where I’ve purchased it,but I’ll change it if I’ll find the box)
-Microphone 3:Trust(Usb one,cheap and I don’t remember the model,but I’ll change it in the future if I’ll find the box)
-Webcam:HP(I don’t remember the model,but i remember is 1080p60fps one)
Laptop:Lenovo Ideapad 100(It’s just a school laptop)
Piano 1:Yamaha PSR E363(Electric Piano with MIDI)
Piano 2:Samson Carbon 61(MIDI Controller)
Desk 1(Where my pc is and more):A black one(Just a black desk for offices)
Desk 2:A black one(Just a black desk for offices)
Programs that help me make music:
–FL Studio 20 Producer Edition:189 euros
-Minecraft Note Block Studio:Free
-Camtasia Studio 8:Free
-GIMP 2.10:Free
FL Studio plugins that I use:
-Sylenth:140 euros(Purchased via subscriptions.I started the subscription on 2/18/2021 and I’ve paid all the price of 170 euros on 6/13/2022)(140 euros+vat 30 euros tax)
-Flex:Free(Default plugin that have a library with great sounds)
-Dynamic Guitars:Free
-Keyzone Classic:Free
-GMS:Free(Default plugin that have a library with great sounds)
-LFOTool:50 euros(Sidechain Plugin)
-Kickstart:10 euros(Sidechain Plugin)
-DJMFilter:Free(Stopping plugin)
-dblue pack:Free(A pack with 4 plugins:
-dblue TapeStop:(Stopping plugin)
-dblue Stretch v1.1:(Stretching plugin)
-dblue Glitch v1.3:(Glitch plugin)
-dblue Crusher:(Crush plugin))
-British Valve Custom:Free(Rock Guitar Effect Plugin)
-FPC:Free(Default plugin that is for 50% of the drums I'm using)
FL Studio Drum kits that I use:
-Ocean Vibes:Free
-The Rock Drum Kit:Free
-Electro Flux Sound Kit:Free
-Dubstep Empire Drum Kit:Free
– Drum Kits:Between 10 and 200 euros per kit


Funtime3Freddy3 (born on December 14 2003) is: a musical artist (music producer), composer, web developer (HTML, CSS, Javascript and 🤍PHP🤍) and a gamer. He started to learn how to use the music program called "FL Studio" from the age of 13-14.His first song released on his music channel is "Happy Summer", created on June 21 2020 and his first ever song released is "Reborn", created on a dubstep band called FL Kingz with his german cousin Lukas on January 12 2020. It was a failure for them, but Funtime3Freddy3 didn't give up and started to make music again.

My story

Welcome to my short story!
Here are some things about me:
My name is Funtime3Freddy3, I’m from Romania, I’m 20 years old, I was born on December 14 2003, I own a business called Funtime3Freddy3 Records, I’m an og fnaf fan from late 2014 – beginning of 2015 when fnaf was 2-3 or 4 months old.I may be old to like fnaf, but everyone can like whatever they want.Some young kids may think that fnaf is new, but no, it’s not.In 2 years will be an og game, like 10 years old.I’ve created my first facebook account when I was 8-10 years old, around 10 years ago, but unfortunately I’ve forgot the password and the phone number, cuz on that time I didn’t had an email.I’ve created my google account on December 17 2015, the same date I’ve created my first youtube channel which is Funtime3Freddy3 Premium.I want to specify that I’ve had an older google account created on December 17 2014, that my father created for an old tablet given to me on Christmas day, but unfortunately I’ve lost the account on November 2015 and that’s why I have that one.To the tablet, I’ve broke it when I was in 5th grade while playing a game called Hay Day from happiness.I know, I was a dumb kid, but I’ve learned my leasson afterward.In my entire life, I’ve broke 5-6 tablets from my stupidity as a kid.As you can see on my og youtube channel, I have almost 800 subs.The reason why I have that many subscribers, is that in the beginning of 2018 and late 2019, I’ve did sub2sub livestreams.For those who doesn’t know what are them, them were in Romania in late 2017 and late 2019, livestreams that people subscribe to you live and you subscribe to those people back and business was booming.I don’t know if these type of livestreams are still working or popular, but it’s against youtube TOS.The og youtube channel was back in the beginning of 2016 and late 2019, a romanian gaming channel, in 2020 I’ve began to make music on that channel, after a while I’ve deleted every videos from that channel and uploaded them to my music youtube channel which is this one.Of course, after a while I’ve reuploaded my old videos on my og youtube channel.Also on the og youtube channel, I’m only watching videos personally and upload random shits, so don’t expect to be scheduled videos, posts or livestreams.I’m posting videos and I’m livestreaming on it, when I want to.Let’s get into the steam account, shall we?I’ve created my steam account at the age of 13 on July 29 2017 at 11:25 pm.I still remember that in a day as a 13 year old wanted to deposit money on steam and the only payment method that he had was a one year old paypal account made at the age of 12 with 0$ on it and wanting to take Creativerse Pro.When I was 14, I’ve made my first bank account and credit card and my first purchase was Creativerse Pro.After, I’ve discovered the steam levels and how you can make levels on steam.I have a video about that here.I still have a lot to tell you guys on this page, but you have my faq page.Hope you guys liked my story, follow my shits and I’ll see you in the next song/post.Goodbye!


How old are you? I’m 20 years old.
When is your birthday or when were you born? I was born on December 14 2003.
How tall you are? I’m currently 1.85 meters or 6 feets.
What’s your nationality or where are you from? I’m romanian and I live in Funtime3Freddy3 Records.
What’s your real name? I would like to keep my real name a secret, also you can call me ‘Funtime’.
What’s your zodiac sign? Sagittarius.
What’s your eyes color? Blue.
Can I use your music in my projects? This information is in my Music Usage agreement.
Can I sell your work? This information is also in my Music Usage agreement.
You went to college to make music? No.I’ve downloaded FL Studio when I was 13 and I started to learn using the program and to make music.
How did you learned to make music? I’ve watched ‘FL Studio Tutorials’ on Youtube and I watched like 70% of them.Till these days I still watch them to learn new things!
Are you taking commissions for custom made songs? No, I'm not doing this.For no amount of money I'll do custom songs for somebody.I'm respecting my work no matter what.
Where did you come with your artist name ‘Funtime3Freddy3’? When FNaF Sister Location came out in 2016, I’ve found on an android app for minecraft skins with them Funtime Freddy, I’ve liked that character (till these days) and I’ve chosed to put my birthdate year last number, namely ‘3’ with Funtime Freddy and it came out as that.
Do you like Funtime Freddy that you have your name like that? Yes.It’s a polar bear as me in real life!Cute, friendly, fat, smart, talented, creative, good as a friend and funny as fuck.
Are you gay that your theme is pink with white? No, I like girls.Everyone can like whatever they want to.
What plugins and more do you use? That question is answered in my website's about page.
Are you using Wordpress as the application of the website? No.From 10/31/2023, Wordpress had been discontinued to be used as my websites application.Wordpress it's having a lack of security, which I've discovered in them API.
What music do you listen the most? I'm listening to almost all genres of music, but I don’t like Manele genre and Romania Traditional Music that we have here in Romania.
How do you come with the track titles, beats, rythms and more? I’m a creative person, like I have almost 500 projects that are waiting to be released in my hard drive, also I’m inspiring very fast and with the track titles, when I’m listening to a respective track, of how I’m feeling on that respective track, that’s how I’m giving the track a name.
What artist did inspire you the most? A lot of them.If I would like to remember some of them, would be CG5 with his beautiful pop, trap, indie tracks and beats, Kevin MacLeod with his film music cuz I like his work, Panos Savvidis with his EDM tutorials that he make, SeamlessR with his dubstep music, Rick Astley with his rickrolles, Busy Works Beats with his trap tutorials, Saxxon Fox with his Electro tracks, Lukas Graham with his beautiful pop tracks, Ragasur with his pop tracks, Osheen with his tutorials, Sheet Music Boss with them piano remakes, In The Mix with his tutorials, Myuu, Avicii and more.
What were your best childhood moments? My best childhood moments weere when I as a 10-11 years old watching on my old Sony Xperia that I still have till these days Smosh, Alan Becker and other american youtubers, playing after school specific Friday, with my best friend Minecraft PE at her house, cuz on that time, Minecraft PE didn’t had xbox functionality and waiting for our meditation english teacher to welcome us with a new english lesson.To be honest, I really enjoyed to learn and speak english.On that time I was with HayDay, a farming simulation game that I was level 40 and a tragic thing happened.I forgot my old google account and I couldn’t log in back, cuz I’ve forgot my secret question.I still remember 2 best friends called Andrew and Dany that where coming to me almost everyday, we're playing outside and on my old tablet games like Minecraft, Talking Tom and watching Youtube.
Ohhh…I have a recording with me going on google maps playing a song in the background, where me and Freddy the Games found the spot where we were standing the most at school:
When you'll be a free man without school? I'm free right now!I've finished the 12 years of prison sentence on May 19 2022!Also here is a song of me celebrating!
What plans do you have? I'll continue to make music, code/program more websites/projects, make more services with my company Funtime3Freddy3 Records and keep them up as much as I can.
Thank you for all the questions you guys asked!If you have more to ask me, you can do it by this:
-comment them on my Youtube videos
-write them on my Discord Server or contact me on my Discord DM

Music Usage

Welcome to Funtime3Freddy3's music usage agreement.Here you can see when and how you, the user/listener, can use my music.
My music is under a fair use license, so you can freely use my music under a few conditions:

  • You must give credits with this line:

To make this respective project, I, your name here, used some of Funtime3Freddy3's music.Go check his music at and follow his social medias at

  • You’re not legally allowed to claim my music in any circumstances

  • You must purchase my music via Itunes or my music store or Amazon or other music store that I distribute on, to use it in your projects and by purchasing it, doesn’t entitles you of owning the rights to it

  • You’re not allowed to sell my music

If it is a remix or a cover, you must do these things:

  • Feature me on the song like this:

Spotify: 142svYxkDHrX9OVxDTXOKi
Amazon: B09H3L3YVD/funtime3freddy3
Deezer: 143847402
Apple Music: funtime3freddy3/1704388450

  • You’re not legally allowed to claim my music in any circumstances

  • You must purchase my music via Itunes or my music store or Amazon or other music store that I distribute on, to remix or cover my music and by purchasing it, doesn’t entitles you of owning the rights to it

  • You’re not allowed to sell my music

  • You’re not allowed to sell your remix or cover

  • You’re not allowed to copyright your remix or cover on anywhere

  • You must give 50% of your earnings to me

  • You’re allowed to own the rights to the remix or cover

My record label Funtime3Freddy3 Records, can always take down your projects for not respecting the rules.



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Happy Summer

Long Journey

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A Birthday Song for Lightning Grace

The Animatronic Move

Wide Putin Meme (Remix)


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Want to contact me?

You can choose between 5 options to do that:

1.Contact email

My contact email is: [email protected]


You can contact me on Discord by:

DM-ing me at Funtime3Freddy3#2003 or simply Funtime3Freddy3

Going to my Discord server: Visit

3.Contact forms

Business: I don't have anymore a business form for this type of contact

Store: Visit (You need a customer account and have placed at least one order for this type of contact, as this form is just for contacts regarding orders)


You can contact me on Twitter by:

DM-ing me at Funtime3Freddy3

5.My forum

You can contact me on my forum's profile by:

DM-ing me there.

I kindly request that you refrain from sending unsolicited messages or contacting me regarding non-business matters or scams. Messages of this nature will not be read or responded to. As I receive numerous unrelated business messages daily, I must emphasize the importance of maintaining professional communication channels. Should you wish to connect with me on a personal level, I am open to that possibility. However, please understand that persistent attempts to engage me on platforms such as Steam for gaming purposes are unwelcome. Furthermore, please note that I am not interested in engaging in any buying or selling transactions on Steam. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Feel free to proceed with your intended communication.

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