Goodbye Message

As you know,Putin want to make a war with Ukraine.The war just started and Putin want to detonate Ukraine with nuclear bombs.Now we can’t know if Putin will take his words back and not detonate Ukraine again.

If I’ll stop uploading music,you know why.I hope Putin will realize that we are some innoncent souls,that we don’t deserve this.All people are being executed because they protest the war in Russia.Also people in Russia doesn’t have facebook because Putin want to reunite U.R.S.S. and rebecome communist again.

To the goodbye message:

Thank you so much for everything you did in to my musical journey,without you I couldn’t do a shit.Thank you for all those streams,followers,subscribers on any social media and music streaming platform that I have my name ‘Funtime3Freddy3′,’Funtime3 Freddy3’ and ‘Funtime3Freddy3 Music’ on it.Thank you and see ya all in heaven.Goodbye.

And Putin,one more word to you:

What the fuck are you thinking with nuking?

Are you crazy or something?