TLD Privacy Policy

1.Welcome to Funtime’s TLD Privacy Policy page!We are ‘us’ or how we like to be called ‘Funtime3Freddy3 Domains’.
2.What data we collect?
We collect:
-IP Addresses for the domains to work.
-Usernames(Domains) for you to use them.
-Passwords for the emails to be secured.
3.What happen if a porn/scam/illegal website is made with your tld?
We aren’t responsible with the websites that you click with our tld.It’s your responsibility,not us.We are responsible with small developers to be happy and we receive the small promotion.
4.Why this service is launched?
Our goal is to help small developers with no money buying a domain and we receive a small promotion by going to
5.What usernames are banned on your service?
We have banned domains with bad meaning,swears words,hate words,racist words and more.
6.More policies in the future.
Updated on 03/02/2022