1.How old are you?
I’m 19 years old.
2.Where’s your birthdate?
I was borned on 14 December 2003.
3.How tall you are?
I’m curently 1.85 meters or 6 feets.
4.What’s your nationality,or where you’re from?
I’m romanian and I live in Funtime3Freddy3 Records.
5.What’s your real name?
I would like to keep my real name a secret,also you can call me ‘Funtime’.:D
6.What’s your zodiac sign?
I’m Sagittarius.
7.What’s your eyes color?
8.Can I use your music in my projects?
Yes you can,but please give credits and purchase my work and not download them via youtube converter cuz somebody worked very hard on them.
9.Can I sell your work?
No you can’t.I can do that myself.
10.Did you go to college or something to make music?
No.I’ve downloaded FL Studio when I was 13 and I started to learn using the program and to make music.
11.How you learned to make music?
I’ve watched ‘FL Studio Tutorials’ on Youtube and I watched like 70% of all.Till these days I still watch them to learn new things!:D
12.Where did you come with your artist name ‘Funtime3Freddy3’ or ‘Funtime3Freddy3 Music’?
When Fnaf Sister Location came out in 2016,I’ve found on a android app for minecraft skins with them,Funtime Freddy and I’ve liked that character till these days and I’ve chosed to put my birthdate year last number,namely ‘3’ with Funtime Freddy and it camed out as that.
13.Why on Spotify,youtube music,etc you have ‘Funtime3 Freddy3’?
When I distributed my first track with a distributor called ‘CDBaby’,I’ve tried to put Funtime3Freddy3,but they keep making the F to f and I didn’t liked that.I had no choice and I’ve accepted to put a space between 3 and F.Don’t do what I did and choose a better distributor if you don’t like something on them services!
14.Do you like Funtime Freddy that you have your name is like that?
Yes.It’s a polar bear as me in real life!Cute,friendly,fat,smart,talented,creative,good as a friend and funny as fuck.:D
15.Are you gay that your theme is pink with white?
No,I like girls.Everyone can like whatever they want to.
16.What plugins,etc do you use?
That question is answered in my home page of my website.
17.Are you old school if you have a 2012 theme on your wordpress website?
Yes,I’m kinda old school.
18.What music do you listen the most?
I listen to almost all genres of music,but I don’t like Manele genre and Romania Popular music that we have here in Romania.
19.Where do you came out with the track titles and beats,rythms and more?
I’m a creative person,like I have almost 500 projects that are waiting to be released in my hard drive also I’m inspiring very fast and with the track titles,when I’m listening to the track,of how I’m feeling on the track,that’s how I’m giving the tracks the names.
20.What artist did inspire you the most?
Al lot of them.If I would like to remember some of them would be CG5 with his beautifull pop,trap and indie tracks and beats,Kevin MacLeod with his film music cuz I like his work,Panos Savvidis with his EDM tutorials that he make,SeamlessR with his dubstep music,Rick Astley with his rickrolles,Busy Works Beats with jis trap tutorials,Saxxon Fox with his Electro tracks,Lukas Graham with his beautiful pop tracks,Ragasur with his pop tracks,Osheen with his tutorials,Sheet Music Boss with them piano remakes,In The Mix with his tutorials,Myuu and more.
21.What was your best childhood moments?
My childhood was as a 10-11 years old watching on my old Sony Xperia that I still have till these days Smosh,Alan Becker and other american youtubers,playing after school specific Friday,with my best girl friend Minecraft PE at her house cuz on that time,Minecraft PE didn’t had xbox function and waiting for our meditation english teacher to welcome us with a new english leasson.To be honest,I really enjoyed to learn and speak english.On that time I was with HayDay,a farming simulation game that I was level 40 and a tragic thing happened.I forgot my old google account and I couldn’t log in back,cuz I’ve forgot my secret question.I still remember 2 best friends called Andrew and Dany that where coming to me almost everyday and we’re playing outside and on my old tablet games like Minecraft,Talking Tom and watching Youtube.
Ohhh…I have a recording with me going on google maps and a song that me and a FreddytheGames found working with our memories at school:

22.When you’ll be a free man without school?
I’m free right now!I’ve finished the 12 years of prison sentence on May 19 2022!Also here is a song of me celebrating!:D

23.What plans do you have?
I’ll continue to make music,create more services and keep them up.
24.More FaQ in the future.